Anxiety & Stress

I can help you learn to overcome anxiety and access alternative ways of dealing with and eventually beating it for good! Learn to alleviate stress, overcome those feelings of dread and avoid serious health implications.


I help clients begin to create a positive vision of how they want things to be. Visualising positive outcomes and achievable goals can bring about real changes in attitude and perception. My approach helps clients eliminate depressive thoughts so they can focus on how they would like to feel and envision a positive and more fulfilling future.

Weight Management

With powerful hypnotic interventions and challenging the thoughts and feelings attached to food, we really can create a positive and healthy relationship with food and achieve those weight loss goals.

Overcoming Addiction

I use strategic intervention, graded exposure, counselling and hypnosis and when all of these effective tools are brought together it can mean that finally they can feel that freedom in life that they have wanted for so long.

Couples Counselling

In Couples counselling, I use a variety of therapeutic approaches to tailor therapy to my clients particular needs. Often there is a need to restore trust, improve communication and re-visit the hey day of the relationship.

Group Therapy

In light of the current Coronavirus Pandemic, I am working with a good friend and colleague Zoe Alexander from ‘Emotionally Fearless Life Coaching’ to bring our Anxiety Management Group Therapy programme online.

Life Coaching

I have been a Master Life Coach for 4 years and am passionate about helping people from all walks of life achieve their goals. The use of strategic interventions, powerful techniques and solution focused questioning has enabled me to help hundreds of people gain focus, direction and motivation to bring about the changes needed to transform their lives.

Use Your Mind to Change Your Life