Chelmsford Hypnotherapy with Jo Clark

During this critical period of social distancing, I am able to offer Face-to-Face therapy that meets all government guidelines, as well as online therapy via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.

*If you are financially compromised during this difficult time please contact me and I will do what I can to offer you a discounted service to support you.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of deep relaxation, I often compare it to the feelings you have just before you go to sleep, or just as soon as you start to awake. It feels lovely, safe and comfortable, with little or no awareness of any disharmony. It is a period of conscious shutdown, where everything still functions normally, with the help of the subconscious mind, but you are not consciously aware of it.

It is an incredibly resourceful state as you are able to access the subconscious mind which is far more receptive to change, having significant therapeutic benefit.

What Can Hypnotherapy be Used For?

At Chelmsford Hypnotherapy, you can get help with a wide variety of issues by using the power of suggestion directly to the subconscious mind to bring about lasting change.

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