What happens in the first session?

Our first session is an opportunity for us to begin exploring your presenting issue and to decide if we ‘fit’, because it is a very unique relationship, and it is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist. You will have the chance to ask any questions about therapy and I will talk a little about how I work and use Hypnosis in addition to other approaches to tailor therapy to your specific needs.

While I cannot be precise, I will be able to give you some idea about how many sessions you may need. Whenever possible in the first session, I do like to give you the opportunity to experience Hypnosis and almost without exception clients find it very relaxing!

How much do sessions Cost?

A session of Hypnotherapy costs £50 for an hour.

Smoking Cessation 

2 sessions and a free top up valid for 6 months – £175.00

Virtual Gastric Band

Complete 4 Session programme – £275.00


Please allow at least 24hrs notice otherwise payment in full is required.

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