Weight Management

Do you need help losing weight?

I believe today’s stressful lifestyle has contributed to the high level of emotional overeating, bingeing and an unhealthy relationship with food. Being so accessible, we are bombarded with affordable unhealthy food at every turn. 

Most of the clients I see for weight management have done countless diets, attended slimming clubs and haven’t succeeded in reaching their ideal weight. Often losing weight only to put it back on, as soon as they stop the diet! There has to be another way.

What if you could lose weight, without being on a ‘diet’ or attending a slimming club?

With powerful hypnotic interventions and challenging the thoughts and feelings attached to food, we really can create a positive and healthy relationship with food and achieve those weight loss goals.

Hypnotherapy and CBT combine to offer one of the most successful ways of losing weight. By accessing the subconscious mind and bypassing the self critical censors, it is possible to change your relationship with food for ever.

By understanding the psychology behind managing your weight, you will find a new respect for yourself and your body.

Use Your Mind to Change Your Life