One of the most common features of depression is being plagued by negative self-talk and
self-doubt. Worrying about how other’s view us, or that we won’t be able to live up to
expectations. For many these feelings are ongoing and debilitating with deep-seeded
feelings of failure and a belief that life will never get better.

When people are depressed, they find it especially difficult to imagine being happy and to
create the motivation to make changes that would lead to a better life — and this lack of
change contributes to feeling hopeless.

Integrative Hypnotherapy for Depression

To break this cycle I help clients begin to create a positive vision of how they want things to
be. Visualising positive outcomes and achievable goals can bring about real changes in
attitude and perception. Much of depression is a focus on the past. My approach helps
clients eliminate depressive thoughts so they can focus on how they would like to feel and
envision a positive and more fulfilling future.

Use Your Mind to Change Your Life